Common Questions

Common Questions

We’re here to answer all of your questions

We know that you may have questions specific to a home that you may be renting from us. Here are some common Cleveland area rental home questions and answers. Of course, if you have any specific questions that we don’t address here, we’d love to hear from you. Just call us at 216-371-8160.

What’s the difference between a short term stay versus a long term stay?
A short term stay is between a few days to upwards of 9 months. Anything beyond 9 months is considered a long term stay. Our lease terms are negotiable, so contact us directly for more information.

What sort of furnishings are provided in my rental? 
Guests living in one of our furnished rentals will live in a home complete with living room and dining room furniture, a fully stocked kitchen with dishware and utensils, one or more Smart TVs with Roku hookups, high speed WiFi, bedroom ware, bedding, towels, and all major appliances, including washer and dryer. We offer a variety of a la carte upgrades to your rental, including wheelchair ramps, shower chairs, EV charging stations, and more. Contact us for more information. 

How are utilities handled?

Utilities are based on length of stay. We are negotiable with our utility plan. Some tenants may choose a plan where utilities are added on, whereas others may choose to include utilities in their rent with a built-in monthly cap.

When is rent due?
Rent is due before or on the first of the month unless a specific date is specified in the lease agreement. If rent is not received four days after the due date, a $50 late fee will be applied. We accept Venmo, credit card, checks, cash, ACH payments, and cashier checks. Any credit card transactions over $500 will incur a 3% fee.

When can Reilly Properties enter the property?
Reilly Properties has the right to enter the home during reasonable hours to inspect the premises, make repairs or improvements, or show the property to prospective buyers and/or tenant(s). At least 24-hour notice will be given prior to entering the property.

In the event of an emergency, we reserve the right to enter the home without notice. It is required that we have a working set of keys and/or security codes to gain access to the leased premises.

Who is responsible for repairs in the home?
Reilly Properties is responsible for repairs in or about the house unless caused by the negligence of the tenant. Tenant will be responsible for any repairs caused by his/her negligence.

It is your responsibility to promptly notify Reilly Properties of the need for any such repair of which the tenant becomes aware. Examples of such repairs include, but are not limited to, leaks from faucet, washer, and toilets, damages to furniture, peeling paint, and heat and/or central air malfunction.

When will I receive my security deposit refund?
Provided you fulfill all of the obligations of the lease agreement, Reilly Properties or the property owner will return either an itemized accounting for charges with any balance of the security deposit or the entire security deposit within 30 days of lease end date. We conduct a preliminary walk through with our tenants to ensure they know what task(s) will need to be taken care so as to avoid security deposit deductions. 

Can I run my business out of the rental home?
No part of the premises or common areas can be used for the purpose of carrying on a business, profession or trade of any kind, or for any other purpose than as a private residence.

What will happen if I move out earlier than my lease termination date?
Your lease ends the day on the termination date as stated in your lease agreement. If you plan to move out earlier than the termination date, it is your responsibility to notify us pay the remaining rent balance owed until the termination date.